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Simple. Secure.
IT Support.

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We build solutions that support
critical business functions

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Everywhere you
need us to be

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Focused on outcomes,
because that’s what matters

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We understand that not one
size fits all

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Big enough
to help, small
enough to care

What we do

We build solutions that support critical business functions for customers throughout New Zealand

Projects at DTSL involve computer and communications systems, including all facets from sales, design and implementation to post install support. Our communications focus includes internet connections, phone systems, and joining your sites together.

When we talk about “throughout New Zealand” we actually mean it! We have team members in 16 branches available to help you, and they can be reached 7 x 24 if required.

Totality comprises a set of clearly-defined modules designed to make it simple for you to choose what is right for your business. A fixed monthly fee means you’ll know in advance what you’ll pay and there are no surprises. Each product and service within the Totality brand has been developed based on years of customer refinement. Depending on what you need you can choose full out-sourcing, through to an “on-demand” basis (e.g. repair or project activity) service.

Comprehensive and plain English Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are provided and we report back to you on the services you are using every month.



Cornerstone is the underlying service management platform that supports all other Totality Modules.


Managed Servers

Real time monitoring and proactive administration of server hardware, operating systems, hypervisors and antivirus software.


Managed Security

Managed Security ensures your valuable data assets are monitored and secured around the clock.


Managed Data

Managed Data focuses on monitoring and maintaining your data, reducing your business risk.


Managed Networks

Managed Network provides proactive monitoring and management of local and wide area networks.


Managed End-User

An optional extension to Cornerstone providing proactive monitoring. management and support of end users.


Cloud Services

Offering better business continuity and disaster recovery, our Cloud services and hosting facilities have been introduced to meet growing demand.


Application Development & Consultancy

The Application Development division builds and maintains suites of applications, websites and integration solutions on behalf of clients.