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Inquire about Managed Networks

Managed Network provides proactive monitoring and management of local and wide area networks.

Network Management and Reporting

7 x 24 monitoring of availability of your LAN Switch network elements

Periodically apply patches and firmware upgrades as recommended by the vendor

Diagnostics and Remediation:
Investigate network or network device performance degradation or outages and restore Business as Usual services

Monthly Reporting:
Inclusion of network availability and performance with Totality monthly reports

Maintaining Network documentation to reflect the current state of the network

Change Control:
Adherence to Totality change management processes for changes performed by DTSL Service Engineers on your network

3rd Party engagement:
Escalation to and liaison with network device vendors for faults identified as being on network devices supported by DTSL and under warranty.


Internet Service Management
Network Management and reporting services to your internet connection device
Management of services provided by your Internet service provider.


Network & Wireless Hardware

Hardware Provision:
The provision of appropriate network hardware

Hardware Replacement:
The provision of replacement hardware in the case of a failure.

Wireless Management and Reporting
Configuration and setup of wireless users and devices.


Network Connection

Internet Services:
The provision of appropriate Internet Connection

WAN Services:
The provision of appropriate Wide Area Network Services.

Totality Internet

We can provide a full range of connection options from ADSL/VDSL to High Speed Fibre. Dedicated international bandwidth options are available, ideal if you use cloud based services.

Totality Network Monitoring

Totality Network Monitoring gives you the confidence that your network is delivering the performance that you need. Every network is different and every business has different needs. DTSL will build a view of your network that shows what you need to see with utilisation tracking, network mapping, custom reporting and customised alarms.

Totality Voice

A carriergrade telephony service providing voice, video, fax and instant communications. We can interface with your existing PABX system or provide a fully functioned cloud based telephone system.

Totality Managed Networks lay down the foundation for future services and business growth