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Inquire about Managed Security

Managed Security ensures your valuable data assets are monitored and secured around the clock.

The Managed Security solution is an optional extension to Cornerstone.The base level module is the Firewall Management and Reporting module, there are several modules you can add on to this as required.

For a fixed monthly fee, the Firewall Management and Reporting module provides:

7 x 24 monitoring and alerting of any major or repeated breaches of firewall security. Regular reviews of security logs and reporting on any breaches or anomalies

Periodically apply patches and firmware upgrades as recommended by the vendor

General Microsoft Active Directory and firewall administration and support required to maintain your ‘Business as Usual’ performance.

Configuration Changes:
Provision of approved firewall configuration changes, action password reset requests and add/remove user ID’s to approved Access Groups

Maintaining a backed up copy of firewall documentation including device configuration files and security setups.

3rd Party engagement:
Escalation to and liaison with firewall device vendors for faults on devices supported by DTSL and under vendor warranty as required on your behalf

Monthly Reporting:
Inclusion of firewall availability and performance and Active Directory Moves, Adds and Changes with Totality monthly reports.


In addition to this, you may like to add on:

Firewall Hardware

Hardware Provision:
The provision of appropriate network hardware (please note a minimum term will apply to this service)

Hardware Replacement:
The provision of replacement hardware in the case of a failure.


Managed VPN Service

Site to Site VPN Service:
The support and maintenance of your VPN WAN network

Remote Access VPN Service:
The support and maintenance of your VPN Remote Access System.


Email Security Services

Hosted Email Security:
The supply of a hosted email security system that ensures that all incoming email is legitimate and free of viruses, spam and malware.

Hosted Email Continuity:
The supply of a secondary backup email service that ensures you are able to send and receive email in the event of an email server failure.


Web Security Services

Hosted Web Security:
The supply of a hosted web security system that ensures that users are protected from Internet threats.

Managed Antivirus:
The supply of a managed antivirus solution that can be installed on devices.

Managed Threat Protection

The Totality Threat Protection solution from DTSL is an enterprise grade product designed to proactively stop threats before they can reach your organisation. The solution is fully managed and integrated into the Totality Operations Centre and there is no need for a management console on your server.

Flexible: Your licensing requirements are calculated each month and you only pay for what you need

Affordable: No large upfront costs or annual renewals

Managed: A fully managed solution.

Managed Firewall

Our firewall services utilise the industry’s most trusted security software and appliances, designed to keep your critical information safe. Our firewall service offers the flexibility to provide a solution for any size business from a single server to an enterprise environment.

We offer:

Dedicated firewall: dedicated layer 2 or layer 3 VDOM on our ForitGate HA environment
Shared firewall: shared context also available
FortiAnalyser: Our Centralised Logging and Reporting Appliance securely aggregates, analyses, and reports on network log data gathered from your network security appliances and other syslog-compatible devices. We can analyse and manage a wide range of data, including security events, network traffic, web content and email to measure your security posture and compliance.

Totality Managed Security will protect your valuable data around the clock at a fraction of the cost of running your own, in-house, security